The MedInnovate innovation fellowship aims at a step-wise approach to identify unmet medical needs, and design innovative solution concepts and business cases to boost the startup culture in Germany and the European Union. Based on the successful BioDesign process, medical technology and solutions in the area of BioEngineering are addressed by following a needs-driven framework.

Target group

MedInnonvate invites all individuals with a strong interest in innovation and entrepreneurship in MedTech for participation.
In particular, we encourage interested people with a background in one of the following categories to apply.

Medical experts provide the backbone of the fellowship program with their knowledge of the medical disciplines, the hospital and healthcare systems and credibility for the immersion in clinical practice.
Engineering & IT
With the goal of developing new medical devices and systems, fellows with a technological background facilitate novel and innovative solutions for unmet clinical needs.
MedInnovate heavily relies on concepts from BioDesign and DesignThinking, where the creative expertise and various aspects of design are a prerequesite for innovative solutions and business cases.
Commercial aspects, marketing and sales are key for any business, especially also in medical device development. With the aim of addressing unmet clinical needs, expertise in these disciplines is the basis for successful businesses in the global MedTech sector.

A Masters, medical, or doctorate degree is preferred alongside with industry experience. Candidates are selected based on their experience, as well as their potential to become leaders in innovation in MedTech and the possibility to work within teams. We especially encourage applications from international candidates.

Program Overview

In the fellowship program, interdisciplinary teams (e.g. including a medic, engineer, business expert, and designer) identify unresolved clinical problems and develop innovative projects solving these needs.
In general, the fellowship will allow interested innovators to become experts in many aspects of the MedTech innovation cycle, such as needs-identification and evaluation, concept design, ideation and brainstorming, prototyping, regulatory and reimbursement pathways, product development pathway, business-case development, investor relations, as well as innovation and close interaction in teams.

Fellows will be affiliated with the Technical University Munich (TUM). For clinical immersion, offices and spaces in medical centres adjunct to the program will be provided. The fellowship is a full-time team-based program running between October and August of the following year. Fellows will receive a stipend bound to the MedInnovate process development.

For the individual fellows, various opportunities may arise both throughout as well as after the program, including own startup projects as well as a unique education with respect to medical innovation with a global orientation and viewpoint. Throughout the fellowship, an individualized plan for project outcomes and the future career path will be developed in conjunction with the MedInnovate management.