What is MedInnovate?

As a centre located in Munich, MedInnovate aims at establishing a European hub for medical innovation and entrepreneurship in MedTech. With fellowship programs and strong support, the overall goal is to develop the future leaders in innovation of medical technologies.

Why MedInnovate?

Filling the gap

  • MedTech is highly dependent on SME sector
  • Needs-driven innovation (market pull) proven to be successful in healthcare
  • Limited support for early innovation and ideation in Germany
  • Need for facilitiaton of entrepreneurship & promotion of leaders in MedTech

Building on existing competence

  • High excellence in clinical and technical research
  • Support by networks and governmental programs
  • Existing needs-driven programs with high international success
  • Interaction between research, industry and clinical practice

What is MedTech?

Products to diagnose, monitor or treat diseases or medical conditions of humans

Focus on improvement of healthcare

  • Earlier diagnosis and less invasive treatment
  • Reduction of hospital stays and rehabilitation time

MedTech is multi-disciplinary

  • Medical background
  • Technological foundation
  • Design and user input
  • Business and marketing planning

Consistent Innovation as the Key to Success

Key Facts of MedTech in Germany

  • About one third of developed products are in a lifecycle of less than 3 years
  • Number two in filed intellectual property and market share globally
  • Strong collaboration between clinical practice, industry, and academia
  • Needs and outcome-driven innovation as support for successful new medical devices

Revenues of MedTech sector 2010-2015

2015 (28.4 billion €)
2014 (25.4 billion €)
2013 (24.6 billion €)
2012 (24.1 billion €)
2011 (23.2 billion €)
2010 (21.7 billion €)
Growth of revenue in German MedTech 2010 - 2015
People working in MedTech
Companies with less than 250 employees

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